• Quality guarantee

  • Nationally produced: made in Spain

  • 100% leak-proof tested products

  • Innovation: valves with VITAQ anti-lime system

  • Nickel-free and low lead products

Metal plate reinforced spring

Compact and resistant. With a noise-reducing NBR elastic sealing system and polymer sleeves to reduce friction and prevent blockages.

8 out of 10 professional plumbers choose Arco in our main markets

We apply total quality concept to the design and manufacture of our products.

Tajo Pro: double stem technology.

Have you heard about the new revolution at Arco? Our double-stem ball valve maximises performance and facilitates handling.

VITAQ anti-lime check valve.

More life with no limescale at higher temperature. Low friction piston, more flow with bigger cross section area, low noise level o and resists 200,000 cycles (consult test conditions).

Anti-lime System

The VITAQ® System, is the anti-lime system developed by Arco that allows the valves to have a longer life and remain free from limescale. 100% recyclable and non-toxic.

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