Innovation spirit

Arco’s products optimise the overall performance of the facilities. They improve durability with less maintenance and maximum resistance. And they offer solutions that represent a significant advantage in building installations such as atoxicity, noise reduction, ease of installation or time reduction.


More than 45 years revolutionizing plumbing installation. A total of 41 patents in five decades of constant innovation.

Non-toxic products

Arco designs a series of nickel-free, low lead, non-toxic products that are manufactured to make your installations safer and more reliable.

Anti-lime System

The VITAQ® System, is the anti-lime system developed by Arco that allows the valves to have a longer life and remain free from limescale. 100% recyclable and non-toxic.


Our own research centre

Arco’s R+D+i department carries out tests and analyses of all its products, processes and raw materials to ensure their maximum quality before going to market.

“At Arco, quality is manufactured”


A total of 41 patents over five decades of constant innovation

(1973 – 2020)

  1. Creation of the first double-outlet gas valve, V1

  2. Creation of TAJO 2000, the first and highest-quality ball valve in Spain

  3. Patent A-80: the quarter-turn system

  4. First Spanish company to obtain AENOR certification for gas

  5. Creation of the TER gas line pursuant to the UNE 60708-87 standard

  6. Design of the first "once-piece" curved tap, with 1/4 turn system

  7. European Patent: Coupling system for the connection of valves and tubes

  8. Portuguese patent for gas valves

    Patent for check valves

  9. Patent for MIÑO gas ball valves

    USA Patent for Gas Safety Valve - NEVADA Series

  10. USA Patent design for 1/4 turn square valves

    USA Patent design for 1/4 turn straight valves

    Creation of the anti-scale line under the name VITAQ System

  11. Patente diseño USA 2003

    European COMBI patent, 1/4 turn valve, single inlet and double outlet

  12. Patent for fluid safety connections

    European Patent for Fluid Safety Valves

    Industrial design for TEXAS controls

    Patent for pressure limiter

  13. Patent for TAJO PRO ball valve with double dynamic axis

  14. Patent for TWIN double-outlet valve with a single control and 4 independent positions

  15. Patent for Series 1 anti-scale collectors / Anti-Fraud Blocking System Patent

  16. A-80 Industrial design controls

    CONEKTA industrial design

    MINI FILTER industrial design controls

  17. A-80 square heater valve industrial design

  18. Vintage tap industrial design

    Screwless handles industrial design

    DUAL Utility Model for OEM

    Patent for valve with swivel connection to pipe

    Industrial design for LIPSTICK angle valve

  19. Industrial design for direct flexible connection valve

  20. “After over 45 years of experience, Arco is constantly innovating to improve the life of our customers.”

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