ARCO is a leading Spanish industrial company engaged in the design and manufacture of regulation and control systems for the professional of water, gas and heating installation.

We create solutions that improve the overall performance and help professionals with thier work, giving them confidence and ensuring proper product functioning in the most difficult conditions.

“Our business model is based on three essential principles: a family-business value based culture, a constant innovation spirit and an industrial customer centred model”.

Jose Mª Ferrer Beltrán
President of Válvulas ARCO



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our values

  • Responsibility

  • Trust

  • Reliability

  • Search for mutual benefit

  • Proximity

  • Personal and environmental respect


To design and manufacture water, gas and heating regulation and control systems that provide safety and confidence to customers and end users.


To be a worldwide benchmark brand for water, gas and heating regulation and control systems.



Sustainability is one of our main values. We aim to generate solutions to improve eficency of installations, reduce energy consumption and minimize the impact of our industrial activity.

Saving water and energy

Válvulas Arco is committed to energy efficiency and saving. Non-toxic and 100% recyclable Vitaq System guarantees that the valves remain free from lime and last longer in time.


Arco’s goal is to be a company committed to its people, its clients and environment.

That is why we have developed the following projects: Arco cares and Responsible Arco.

Corporate Social Responsibility management is integrated into the company’s Continuous Improvement model. Thus, we work towards conciliation and equality through the EFR (Family Responsible Company) certification, we integrate groups at risk of exclusion, we take care of the environment by complying with ISO 14001 and we guarantee the health and safety of our people based on the ISO 45001 certification.


We manufacture the Quality. That’s why we take care of all our processes to offer high quality products for safe and trustworthy installations.

For Válvulas Arco, quality is a basic principle of company management, not only in the manufacture of quality valves, but in all company activities.

Our business lines

We specialise in the design and manufacturing of water, gas and heating systems around the World.