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Average seniority in the company:

17 years


of employees with functional diversity

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Our values:

  • Responsability

  • Trust

  • Reliability

  • Mutual benefit

  • Proximity

  • Personal and environmental respect


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Benefits of being part of the Arco team

EFR: A Family-Responsible Company

The commitment to our people goes beyond words. This is demonstrated by Arco’s certification as a Family-Responsible Company (efr), granted by the Masfamilia Foundation. The objective of this certificate is to promote conciliation of the family and private life of our employees, and to guarantee their personal development as well as their professional development.

VALVULAS-ARCO-sello-efr (1)

CSR: Arco cares and Responsible Arco

Arco’s goal is to be a company that is committed to its people, its clients and the environment. For this reason, the management of Corporate Social Responsibility is integrated into the company’s Continuous Improvement model. Thus, we work on conciliation and equality through EFR certification, we integrate groups at risk of exclusion, we take care of the environment by complying with ISO 14001 and we guarantee the health and safety of our people based on OHSAS 18001 certification.

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