ARCO Industry solutions

Our products and systems meet three essential criteria: constant innovation, confidence in their precise operation under the most adverse conditions, and an exact response to our customers’ needs.

We offer engineering professionals water, gas and heating control systems designed with the highest quality requirements.

  • Comprehensive facility efficiency

  • Increased performance and reduced energy consumption

  • Stronger and durability

Reduction of environmental impact.

Arco has an environmental management system that allows manufacturing process evaluation and improvement, implementing everything needed to minimise environmental impact beyond requirements.

Spanish manufacturer: zero kilometre

Arco is the only Spanish manufacturer of valves for water, gas and heating, so our products favour the sustainability of projects and the development of the industrial sector in Europe.

Sustainability: a key factor

Arco is committed to energy efficiency and water saving. We have nickel-free, low-lead products as well as the Vitaq anti-lime system that is 100% recyclable, which guarantees a long life for the valves and ensures that they are limescale-free.

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Constant innovation.

Since 1980 with the invention of the A-80, the first quarter turn angle valve, Arco's commitment to innovation has been constant, creating new systems and models such as Twin or Tajo Pro.

Arco warranties and coverage

Ability to comply with standards and certifications in any country in the world.

Member of the European Norm Committee for Gas EN-331

Product liability insurance with a coverage of €6,000,000

Free technical assistance service.


Efficient solutions that add value to your projects.

The characteristics of our products, designed to optimize and improve facilitiy performance, contribute to the improvement of the efficiency of buildings, reducing the environmental impact and thus facilitating a better classification and energetic certification.

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Technical support

At Arco we offer a free technical assistance service that will allow you to find the best solution for each of your installation needs.

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